Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Johnnie Rodriguez and Farm Animals

Johnnie's crew in Mexico City.
courtesy The Museum of Snapshot Photography -
Melissa McCarthy: I think prior to 1960, "Johnnie" was surreptitiously prostituting animals, especially sheep, for bestiality aficionados. It was said that if you wanted "flock sex", he was the go-to guy.

Jorge Artajo said...
Oh my! I can’t believe it was that Johnnie! The one I once met. It happened that on a one hairy summer morning I was by the road playing “solo” when a man with a guitar and a herd of “cochinos” came into my village –“¿Te gustan bonito?- he told me with an unsettling smile that made me blush. Then he introduced himself as Juanito and asked me about the town fair. I told him that there were no fair in the village, but that in the outskirts by the threshing floor skinners used to gather to trading, so there he went. Few moments later I was sitting at the church square playing “tabas” with some friends when we heard a huge roar behind us. The “marranos” came running over us screaming and yelling like hell. They had some men stuck to their rears with their faces all in red. They were trying to detach themselves from those pigs’ asses that have absorbed their cocks. People laughed and prayed, some fainted, some shocked, some got indignant, some scratched their crotches, and some ripped their clothing. The last image I had before my mother blind my eyes and took me home was the catholic priest shouting like crazy running after them waving a butcher knife. From then on Juanito got a reputation and spoken aloud his name became synonymous with offense to the whole village, so it’s good to hear about him again. I’ve always wandered what could have happened to him.