Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Konmar Rodensky actually Johnnie Rodriguez ? 1986

Mark Bloch: I will have to repost more facts about this after the weekend after summoning up some supporting documents but suffice to say this is curiously similar to the case of Konmar Rodensky. In 1986, I travelled to the Netherlands where artists Sonja Van Der Burg, Jacques Massa, Harry Fox and I, as well as our co-conspirators Sally, Jeremy, Let and Martin and others all collaborated on creating the Rodensky files. In the end it was like this: any found photo, described by the finder, would contribute more information to the strange case of Konmar Rodesnky. It began as a misunderstanding but soon grew into a fascinating bio. His first name was taken from the local food store and his last name was the bastardization of an actual person's story retold as a fable. In the end Rodensky was known to be a filmmaker and outlaw, the onetime assistant to Fellini and a midget who created the tradition, now common, of setting his huge piles of mail under mailboxes because he could not reach the slot. I cannot remember the rest but I have many photos of him and two issues of my zine Panmag have been devoted to him. Don't you think Rodriguez sounds mysteriously like Rodesky? I warn everyone that this Rodriguez character may very well be the notorious Rodensky in sheep's or perhaps donkey's clothing. Proceed with caution. He is a huckster and a charlatan however I warn you he is also a seductive genius.

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